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Extreme heat really beats up most composition-style exhaust gaskets, causing them to shrink or burn out. Header flanges or even cylinder head exhaust flanges can warp due to the constant cold-hot thermal cycling of the engine. Both issues lead to exhaust leaks.

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Remflex Exhaust Gaskets can help solve those issues. Made from a soft, flexible graphite material, the gaskets are 1/8 inch thick and are designed to crush 50% to fill gaps in a flange surface up to 1/16 of an inch—perfect for sealing headers with warped flanges. The gaskets can withstand temperatures up to 3,000 degrees F so they will never burn out. And since they’re designed to rebound approximately 30% once installed, they form a seal so good you’ll never have to retorque header bolts again. Try that with a composite-style gasket.

Summit Racing offers Remflex Exhaust Gaskets that are compatible with stock and aftermarket cylinder heads for popular V8 engines, GM Duramax diesel, and Ford Powerstroke diesel engines.

Summit Racing also carries Remflex gasket sheets made from the same graphite material so you can make exhaust gaskets for custom headers or manifolds for antique and less-popular engines. We also have these Remflex gaskets to seal other exhaust system components:
• Collector and exhaust flange gaskets
• Turbocharger and wastegate flange gaskets
• Catalytic converter gaskets
• Downpipe gaskets
• Marine exhaust riser gaskets


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