303 Appearance Products Expands Auto Detailing Line

Coats, Soothes, Relieves

303 Products, Gold Eagle Company’s brand of premium automotive and marine protectants and cleaners, announces the introduction of four automotive detailing products – Graphene Tire Gloss, Graphene Trim Coating, Slick Shine Ceramic Detailer and Spray and Rinse Ceramic Sealant.

New 303 Graphene and Ceramic Products

303 Graphene Tire Gloss is a new graphene-infused formula that bonds to the rubber of tires to repel dirt, provide superior UV protection, and prevent cracking and dry rot; all while leaving a durable high gloss shine that lasts for up to three months. This self-leveling formula provides an even finish with minimal sling in an easy-to-use aerosol formula. Designed to keep tires looking new, this product dries quickly and leaves a high gloss shiny finish.

303 Graphene Trim Coating quickly renews and preserves the appearance of exterior plastic trim. Trim easily ages over time. 303 Graphene Trim coating brings the look of exterior trim back to life with one application and the trim is instantly renewed and darkened. Providing superior UV protection, this product spreads easily with no greasy residue and has minimal runoff. This graphene-infused formula provides a durable bond that gives up to six months of protection.

303 Spray and Rinse Ceramic Sealant is an easy-to-use spray-on sealant that provides up to six months of hydrophobic protection and a beautiful glossy look to a variety of automotive surfaces – including paint, glass, and wheels. Simply wash the car as you normally would and rinse the soap off. Then spray product onto the surface when wet, rinse to activate the protection, and dry thoroughly. The SiO2 based ceramic formula is a great option for use as a topper for long term ceramic coatings, or as standalone protection for those looking for a quick and effective solution.

303 Slick Shine Ceramic Detailer can be used either wet or dry and quickly increases the slickness, depth of shine and gloss to exterior automotive surfaces. Developed to use between washes this is a quick way to handle light dust or fingerprints. This SiO2 and carnauba-infused ceramic formula is perfect for use as a traditional detailer, or as a topper for maintenance on long term ceramic coatings.

303 Brand Manager, D.J. Goodson, says, “After over two years of development, we are excited to get these in the hands of automotive enthusiasts. Our two new Graphene products fill out 303’s graphene line, giving specific solutions for durable trim and tire protection. 303’s brand new line of ceramic products provides another option for exterior protection for consumers looking for quick and easy protection.”


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