Summit Racing Forged Crankshafts and Connecting Rods

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Step up to the strength and reliability of a forged rotating assembly—without the heavy price tag—with Summit Racing Forged Crankshafts and Performance Connecting Rods. They’ll give you peace of mind when you’re making 700-plus horsepower.

Summit Racing Forged Crankshafts

Non-twist forged from certified 4340 steel, these crankshafts are heat-treated and nitride-hardened, then stress-relieved and shot-peened for strength. Each journal is micro-polished and has a .125-inch radius to further increase strength. The rod journals have heavy fillets, so narrow rod bearings are required.

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Summit Racing Forged Crankshafts are available in a variety of popular strokes for small and big block Chevy, Ford 302-351W and 429-460, and 340-360 small block Mopar. They also have lightened and center-counterweighted versions of their popular Summit Racing Pro LS crankshafts that can support LS engines making 1,400-plus horsepower.

Summit Racing Performance Connecting Rods

Forged from 4340 steel, these connecting rods are designed, machined, and finish-assembled in the USA. The small and big ends are sized to exacting tolerances and all rod sets are weight-matched to make rotating assembly balancing easier. Most rods are also designed for full-floating wristpins.

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The I-Beam rods are available for small and big block Chevy, GM LS, Ford 289-302, and small block Mopar. They are fitted with ARP 8740 chromoly cap screw rod bolts and can handle 700 to 850 horsepower depending on the application.

Rated to handle 750 to 1,200 horsepower depending on the application, the H-beam rods are available for small and big block Chevy; Ford 289-302, 351W, 429-460, and 4.6/5.4/5.0 Modular; small block and RB big block Mopar; and 326-455 Pontiac. Most are fitted with ARP 8740 chromoly cap screw rod bolts, and some Chevy and Ford applications are available with stronger ARP2000 or L19 rod bolts.


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